The 2017 Holiday Note We Never Sent

Greetings from the Zajacs,

As we returned from a long trip to a Christmas tree farm that turned out to be closed for the season, we couldn’t help but look back at 2017 and think, “Boy, do we need to catch up and drink an adult beverage with you,  __________.”

Son saved up his lifeguarding money to buy a pickup truck from our good friend, Jamie Beadle in Virginia. He also talked Jen into driving to a Bass Pro parking lot in Knoxville, Tenn. on a school night with his best buddy to swap dirt bikes with a guy he found on CraigsList. Our garage now functions as Sam’s Suzuki Workshop.

When Daughter’s not writing her book or outside with the neighborhood kids, she can be found doing handstands against the wall or baking with generous amounts of sprinkles and food coloring. Our walls are now dented and “full of color.” Passionate about ballet, our middle-schooler received the “Most Improved Dancer” at her recital and started 2018 off right as the “Dancer of the Month.”

Husband’s beloved red Saturn Vue died after 276,000 miles. Unable to find a small truck, he settled for a used Jeep. He named it The Polish Wobbler. When not continuing his work towards an MBA at Gardner-Webb University, working at the AAA ballpark or fixing something on the house, he can be found on the back porch with a cigar and bourbon--drop-ins welcome.

Jennifer launched a current events podcast with the kids but they all found it too depressing. Expect her to resume podcasting on lighter topics in 2018. She also started a new position with Duke Energy’s products & services strategy team and cut back on saying “strategery.” Like Son, Jennifer’s up around 5 a.m. weekdays. Unlike Son, she’s asleep after 9:30 p.m.   

Our black Lab, Stosh, remains a spaz. Now three years old, Stosh has cut back on bolting from the house to play “catch me somewhere in the neighborhood.” Part hunter, part genius, this summer he caught a rabbit in the backyard and ran into the house with it to show everyone. Earlier in the year, he stared down and barked at a tomato. Obviously, it posed a threat. We’re very proud.


Jennifer Zajac